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When it comes to variability, nothing affect a cow more than her feed.  Find out how Terry Zimdars and the Animal Nutritionists at Landmark are ensuring consistent forages for your farm.



Whether you are a rural home owner, farmer or a commercial business Stewart Anhalt and the team at Landmark want to be your provider of solutions.  Energy prices are down and that offers a great opportunity for taking advantage of great contacting options for this fall and into 2019.  Listen as Stewart and Pam chat about the importance of premium products in the high tech equipment on farms and treating your fuel as an investment.


Melisa Schmidt (2)Web

Still have grain in the bins from last fall?  Not sure what your opportunities are this late in the game?  Melisa Schmidt talks here with the Fabulous Farm Babe about the services that Landmark provides and the number of various contracts Landmark can offer to give a variety of methods that mitigate risk and maximize your profitability. Also learn what you can do to make sure your stored grain stays in condition.






Listen as Lucas Oliver, Ruminant Specialist, discusses how a special partnership is showing dairy managers how to utilize data from rigorous testing to manage feeding TMR especially in area of consistency and Physically Effective Fiber.  For more info contact your Landmark Animal Nutritionist who understands that information is as important as the product in managing feed efficiency on the farm.


Rosy and JeremyFrustrated with making sure you find and retain good employees on your farm- and all the paperwork that goes with?  Listen here as Jeremy Henkels, EVP of Human Resources and Shared Services of Landmark works with producers in all aspects of the hiring and recruitment.  Verity Business Solutions consulting and Landmark Services Cooperative can assist in ALL aspects of employees including ensuring proper legal documents, handbooks, recruiting candidate and initial phone screens.   If you would like to know more, contact Jeremy at




Brandon Ihm, Energy Manager, discusses how Landmark can add value though contracting and long term planning to make sure that you are ready for the winter months.  Having all propane tanks full heading into the heating season takes a lot of stress off the propane infrastructure and better prepares everyone in the event of another historically cold winter. Listen HERE.



With 1st crop well in the books, and 2nd crop underway, listen as Ted Koehler discusses the importance of feed quality. Highlights include: NDF, low lignin alfalfa and insight from the self proclaimed forage nerd.



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When it comes to safety on your farm, there is always more to it than meets the eye. Matt Solymossy, Safety Manager here at Landmark and Verity Business Solutions Safety Consultant, is your resource for all of your farm safety needs. Listen as he talks about common violations he sees in the industry and why getting up to date on safety requirements is essential for the well-being of your employees, your family, and your operation.


In farming, as in all things, communication is key. Listen here as agronomist Kyle Stull gives a scouting update and talks about how the Landmark team uses tools and technology to communicate information for faster, more informed decisions.


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Doug Cropp talks about these simple tips in this Landmark Lesson to keep you in your “comfort zone” when marketing your grain: Know your cost of production, set a price target, use tools to protect your production like open offers that work for you day or night.


You know what they say about weather in Wisconsin: If you don’t like it, wait a few minutes, it’s sure to change.  Here at Landmark we have a team of specialists that are here to help cope with Mother Nature’s swings and keep you comfortable and healthy in your home. Listen as Tom Krausse discusses preventive maintenance and the importance of air quality for your family.





Curious about variable rate, data privacy and 4R management practices?  At Landmark, we are enthusiastic about the combination of technology and “best management practices” way of thinking. Listen here as Nelson Graham along with Pam Jahnke talk about the “4R’s” best management practices approach for all areas of agronomy inputs, using the Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place and how this relates to variable rate technology.



Doug Cropp talks about how having grain marketing tools in place help you take advantage of the market and tips for storing grain going into summer.

The Landmark Lesson featuring Doug can be heard here.


Mycotoxin,  vomitoxin and potassium oh, my!  Hear how reviewing diets and teaming up with a nutrition expert like Chris Kafer can help keep dairy cows healthy.

Starting out our 2016 Landmark Lesson is Wendy Meyer talking about financial solutions and how keeping communication lines open will be critical for financial support this year.

This Landmark Lesson interview can be heard here.

Wendy Meyers

In our latest Landmark Lesson Agronomy Territory Account Manager, Mike Hopke, discusses the current field conditions and the importance of fungicide application.

The Landmark Lesson interview can be heard here.

Our 2015 Landmark Lessons began with Paul Henn, Agronomy Area Sales Lead, sharing a crop and field update as well as discussing the importance of tissue sampling!

The Landmark Lesson interview can be heard here.

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