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Gypsoil Now Offered at All Landmark Agronomy Locations

gypsoilLandmark Service Cooperative recently signed an agreement to distribute Gypsoil™ brand gypsum, marking an important development for Wisconsin corn, soybean and alfalfa growers looking to improve production performance while lowering input costs. 


Gypsum can be used to improve soil tilth and water permeability of farm fields, and provide important nutrients to soils, specifically calcium and sulfur. Gypsum also increases the release of nutrients to crop roots, and over time, may reduce the need for more expensive fertilizers. 


The agreement between Landmark and the Gypsoil Division of Beneficial Reuse Manag ement, LLC, means growers in Landmark agronomy service areas of Belleville, Cottage Grove, Dane, Evansville, Harrison, Juda, Markesan and Rio now have local access to a ready supply of Gypsoil at a competitive cost. 


In the past, gypsum was typically shipped long distances from mines in Western Iowa or Michigan to Wisconsin which made it cost-prohibitive for most farmers to use in commercial crop production. 


Gypsoil™ brand gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate, CaSO4 . 2H2O, a byproduct of the process that cleans the air from coal-burning power utilities by removing sulfur dioxide (SO2) from flue gases.  Through a unique partnership with WE Energies, Gypsoil supplies farmers with locally-produced gypsum that is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a soil amendment.


When applied to soils, Gypsoil neutralizes metals and chemical salts and loosens soil to improve air and water movement throughout the soil profile.  Nearly all heavy soils containing clay, including gumbo, can benefit from gypsum.  Expected benefits include:


1.)      Improves water permeability of soils.

2.)      Balances soil chemistry so excess magnesium, aluminum and sodium are flushed away.

3.)      Improves environment for soil organisms, including earthworms. 

4.)      Promotes better breakdown of plant residues into available nutrients in the root    zone. 

5.)      Provides calcium and sulfur supplied to soils. 

6.)      Loosens soils so fields are easier to work.


Gypsoil can be broadcast with a lime or litter spreader any time you can get into the field.  The recommended rate is one to two tons per acre (every one to two years) depending on soil type.  As a soil amendment, it can take applications for two years or more before the full benefit is realized.  


“Through our exclusive agreement with WE Energies, growers in Wisconsin and northern Illinois have access to an ongoing, cost-effective supply of high-quality synthetic gypsum,” says Dave Schuurman, chairman of Beneficial Reuse Management LLC.   “Now, because of our distribution arrangement with Landmark, farmers can work with their local agronomic advisors to learn more about using Gypsoil and obtain the product locally.”


For more information, visit www.gypsoil.com.