Products and Services

Plant Food
Plant Food Landmark offers a full line of fertilizer, custom application and other plant food products including:
  • Micro-Essentials Crop Nutrient Systems
  • WolfTrax
  • MAX-IN and Nutrition Plus
  • RGS-Root Growth Stimulators
  • ATS-Ammonium Thisulfate
  • Pell Lime
  • Trace Minerals
Crop Protection
Crop Protection Landmark's Agronomy team can assist you with finding the products that best suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of crop protection options including:
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Inoculants
Seed Solutions
Seed Solutions Landmark offers a wide variety of hybrids, selected to suit the planting, soil type and growing needs of our producers. We are proud to also offer a full line of Precision Planting products. Our seed and hybrid options include products from:
  • Croplan
  • Monsanto
  • NK
  • Mycogen
  • Asgrow
  • Curry
YieldEDGE Precision Technology Solutions
Precision Tech Solutions Landmark is the region's ag technology leader and we pride ourselves on being able to offer to our members the best in cutting-edge ag technology such as:
  • YieldEDGE Viewer
  • Variable Rate Nitrogen
  • Grid Soil Sampling and Mapping
  • GIS Database and Geospatial Imaging
  • Yield Date Processing