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1401 Landmark Drive
Cottage Grove | WI 53527
Phone: 608.251.9010
Fax: 608.839.5144

Products and Services

Dairy Landmark’s many Dairy Herd Specialists can assist you in creating the best management plan for your herd, including:
  • Whole Herd Evaluations
  • TMR Audits
  • Ration Balancing
  • Custom Nutrition Formulations
  • Forage Management
  • Risk Management Assessments
Risk Management
Risk Management Landmark offers a wide variety of options to assist you in managing the risk associated with ever-changing market conditions. Call us today to find out more about:
  • Spot Pricing
  • Forward Contracting
  • Cap Pricing/Options Contracting
  • Grain Bank for feed use
  • Over-the-Counter Products
  • Setting up your own hedging account
Calf and Heifer
Calf and Heifer Landmark's dedicated team of Dairy Specialists is available to assist you in creating a custom management plan that suits your unique needs with:
  • Production and Nutrition Goal-setting
  • On-Farm Calf Management Consultations
  • Ration Balancing
  • Custom Nutrition Formulations
  • Year-Round Educational Events
Forage Management
Forage Management Landmark offers a complete program for Forage Management. From helping you to find the correct hybrids for optimal nutrition to one-on-one consultation with our on-staff Forage Specialist, we can assist you with:
  • Bunker Density Evaluations
  • Forage Sampling and Testing
  • Inoculants and Preservatives
  • On-Farm Forage Consultations
Beef Landmark's Beef Specialist is here to assist you with:
  • Animal Performance Evaluations
  • Performance Projections and Break-evens Calculations
  • Forage and Grain Sampling
  • Reproductive Nutrition Optimization
  • Supplement Consultations
  • Full line of specialty cow/calf, feedlot and show animal nutrition products
Other Livestock
Other Livestock Have something a little different on the back 40? Landmark is ready and able to assist you in meeting your nutrition goals, no matter what the species! We offer a full line of feed for:
  • Swine
  • Sheep
  • Poultry
  • Goats
  • Exotic Livestock
Pets and Exotic Animals
Pets and Exotic Animals Man's best friend is our best friend too! Landmark can meet the nutrition needs of your pets, whether feathered, furry or finned. Ask us products for:
  • Equine
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Rabbits
  • Fish
  • Songbirds
  • Exotic Pets