Animal Nutrition

Landmark's Animal Nutrition division has a dedication to quality and technical expertise that is second to none. Not only do we accept only the best quality ingredients for our full product line of animal feeds, we have developed a highly trained staff of Animal Nutrition Specialists made up of specialized nutritionists prepared to assist you in developing an innovating and intelligent plan for your animal nutrition needs.

Our staff can assist you in creating a comprehensive nutrition plan that will bring out the best in your animals, whether your goal is higher production or blue ribbon winners! We are so much more than just a "feed mill", Landmark's Animal Nutrition team is here to be your partner in reaching your goals. With facilities in Albany, Belleville, Burlington, Cambria and Cottage Grove, Wisconsin and a staff of more than a dozen consultants available for on-farm visits, Landmark is just a phone call away for better animal nutrition, health and performance! Call us today and see just how Landmark can work for you!


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Month Open High Low Last
Jul 15 412'4 416'2 407'6 415'6
Sep 15 420'2 424'4 415'0 423'4
Dec 15 428'6 433'4 424'4 433'2
Mar 16
438'2 443'2 434'4 442'6 -1'6
444'6 448'6 441'0 448'0 -2'0
Month Open High Low Last
Jul 15 1029'0 1034'2 1001'0 1001'4
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