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Larry Swalheim Announces His Retirement as Landmark's CEO

After 23 years with the cooperative, Landmark's Chief Executive Officer, Larry Swalheim, announced last week that he will retire at year's end.Larry will continue to serve Landmark in an advisory role throughout the leadership transition into 2011.

During his tenure, Larry grew Landmark Services Cooperative from a one-location cooperative to one of the largest cooperatives in the state of Wisconsin.Since being named CEO in 1991, he has successfully guided Landmark through several strategic partnerships and mergers that have grown the cooperative from sales of $25 million to over $300 million, staff locations from one to 16 and employees from 80 to nearly 400."Larry's steadfast leadership has enabled Landmark to become a trusted supplier of agriculture inputs to our membership." said John Blaska, Landmark's Board President."Without Larry's guidance, we could not provide the wide variety of products and services at competitive prices to our patrons that we do today." Landmark provides agronomy, energy, animal nutrition, grain and transportation products and services to over 15,000 members in a territory that ranges from east-central Wisconsin to northern Illinois.

Since 1991, Larry's dynamic leadership has helped set the standard for what local agricultural cooperatives can achieve.In the past two decades, Landmark led the way by marketing grain to the US and world markets with Wisconsin's only 100 car rail terminal, creating a team of 16 animal nutritionists who provide technical services and risk management support to some of the region's largest dairies, implementing state-of-the-art precision agriculture technology and creating its producer input financing company, Verity Resources. During Larry's tenure, Landmark has been awarded two National Environmental Respect Awards for its Agronomy locations, two CHS/Cenex Star Energy Awards for Energy sales and management and several Land O'Lakes Quality Awards for Dairy Feed Production.

Larry has also been actively involved in cooperative education and community outreach while serving as CEO.In recent years, he has traveled to the Ukraine, Moldova and the Philippines as part of the United States Agency for International Development, which teaches cooperative leadership and principles to underserved rural areas around the globe.In addition, Larry currently serves as the President of the National Coop 401K Plan, Chair of the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives Advisory Committee, Director for Wisconsin Community Bank and was recently appointed as a member of Thrive, an economic development enterprise for the eight-county Madison region.

An avid world traveler who recently completed a trip to Antarctica, Larry says that while this is a bittersweet moment, he feels that this is the right time for him to step back and start working on his other goals, which include spending more time with his family, traveling and further volunteer work."Now is the time.Landmark is financially strong with the best management team we have ever had.This leaves me with the feeling that the momentum of this company will keep moving forward at full speed, which is very important to me." said Larry."December 31, 2010 will mark exactly 20 years that I have served as CEO and I will be turning 62 next February, it's the right time for the next adventure."