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The only thing constant in life is change: Landmark YieldEDGE Viewer can help!

“The only thing constant in life is CHANGE.”  While this quote holds quite true to many people in their day-to-day lives, perhaps those that experiene constant change more than anyone else are those involved in the agriculture industry.  Weather, input prices and commodity prices, just to name a few, are constantly changing factors that farmers face daily.And while farmers don’t have a crystal ball that they can use to see in to the future to help them predict these changes, they do have a new tool from Landmark that is the next best thing!  Landmark’s brand new technology, the YieldEDGE Viewer, helps growers monitor crop yield, management and weather trends by field.

Landmark’s new YieldEDGE Viewer is user-friendly and is a great tool to assist growers with data management!

The YieldEDGE Viewer is a data management tool that shows growers all of their information that Landmark has compiled about their operation, based on each specific field.  This information can include:  yield maps, fertilizer rates applied each year, soil test data, multi-year yield analysis, seed varieties planted, historical prescriptions by field and historical weather trend’s for the farm.

This program allows for the Landmark team to digitize farms and fields and make educated decisions based on the yields and performance of fields in the past.  Once growers sign up for the YieldEDGE Viewer their field boundaries are created and data is collected and input, along past information on each specific field.

Growers can then log-in to the YieldEDGE Viewer at anytime to access their information.  This new technology allows growers and their Landmark agronomist to detect trends and look at yields, fertilizer applied, weather conditions that year and several other factors to help come up with solutions and ways to improve yields the following year.  Furthermore, they will be able to analyze the data right away and compare it to other growing seasons.

As shown in this screen shot from the YieldEDGE Viewer, many pieces of data are readily available for producers to easily access to help make informed management decisions!

This new technology also shows weather patterns, forecasts and trends.  Additionally, growers are invited to share the data they have collected themselves with the Landmark team to be added their YieldEDGE Viewer account information.

“We’re excited about this new data management technology that we are bringing to growers.  By providing solutions such as the YieldEDGE Viewer, we are able to help our members make important management decisions that will positively impact their operation,” says Dan Moehn, Executive Vice President of Agronomy for Landmark Services Cooperative.

Growers interested in setting up an account for, or learning more about the YieldEDGE Viewer are encouraged to contact their Landmark agronomist or Gary Myers at 608.669.5553 or

Dan Moehn is Landmark’s Executive Vice President of Agronomy.  With a dual degree in ag business and dairy science, in addition to over 25 years of ag retail experience, Dan is a true agronomic industry leader. For more, email
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