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Feed for the Future

“As dairy farmers, you feed a properly balanced ration to your cows designed to optimize health and productivity.  So do you do the same for your calves?”  Todd McDonough from Land O’Lakes Animal Milk posed this question during one of the recent Calf Roundtable Discussion meetings hosted by Landmark Services Cooperative.  When considering how a calf utilizes the nutrients they are fed, McDonough encourages both farmers and nutritionists to remember the acronym “M.I.G.”, which stands for Maintenance, Immune System, and Growth.  This is the order in which a calf partitions nutrients within their small bodies.  Young calves have such a high nutrient demand just for maintenance simply to keep themselves alive, many calves are fed a diet deficient in vitamins, protein, and fat.  This compromises a calf’s ability to develop a strong immune system, let alone partition any nutrients for growth of the calf.  In addition, the maintenance requirement can increase significantly based on stress, weather, environment, or health challenges.  Such challenges partition even more nutrients to maintenance, leaving less to be used for immune system development or meeting the farmer’s growth goals.




When considering how to feed the animals that will dictate the future profitability of your dairy farm, make sure you are balancing a proper diet for them.  Tools exist for balancing a diet of milk and calf starter for young calves, and a representative from the Animal Nutrition Division at Landmark Services Cooperative can help you do this. 
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Real Life Farm Summit: Strategies to make your Farm Team Champions

Henry Ford once said this about this success of teamwork, “Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”
The 2015 Real Life Farm Summit focused on just that, teamwork, more specifically “Strategies to make your Farm Team Champions.”  With an all-star line-up of speakers, attendees were filled with valuable information and solutions to take back to their farms and their teams.
Dr. Jay Lehr, kicked off the day with his discussion on risk management, changes we are currently seeing in agriculture and shared his insight on the future of the industry.  He also showed attendees his true advocacy for agriculture in this video, when he took to the streets of San Francisco to educate them on what fertilizer is and the positive impact it has in our country.
Following Dr. Lehr’s keynote address attendees had the opportunity to attend two out of the three breakout sessions, that relate directly to their farm operations.  They included:
Matt Solymossy, Landmark Safety Manager, presented “Don’t get Sidelined by Regulatory Agencies,” with a focus on Wisconsin act 377–changes to Implements of Husbandry laws and OSHA reportable injuries.
“Creating and Maintaining a Winning Team,” presented by Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Jeremy Henkels, with an emphasis on finding good employees and keeping them and I-9 compliance.
Hans Pflieger and Bob Panzer of Verity Business Solutions, LLC, shared with attendees how to “Do the Lambeau Leap when you look at your Financial Statement” as they took an in-depth look at farm financial health.


To close out the day attendees gave a super bowl welcome to William Henderson, formerly of the Green Bay Packers.  He took to the stage with an outstanding message on the hard work and dedication of farmers, and the fact that what they do isn’t always easy, but it is worth it!


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