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7 Tips for Low-Stress Calf Weaning

Weaning time is a stressful time for calves. Stress often creates a weakened immune system in calves and in turn can lead to sickness. It is best to expose the calves to the least amount of stress as possible during the weaning process. The key is a quick transition to get them eating. Follow these seven guidelines to reduce stress and help calves stay happy and healthy as they adjust to their new environment.

  1. Early introduction: Introduce new feedstuffs while the calf is still with their dam.
  2. Water: Check waterers regularly to ensure your calves have access to clean water.
  3. 2.5 percent of body weight: For the first seven days after weaning, make sure calves are consuming at least 2.5 percent of their bodyweight.
  4. One foot: Each calf needs roughly one foot of bunk space available at all times.
  5. Lick tubs: Make mineral tubs available to calves. Licking the tubs causes salivation and salivation can encourage increased consumption of feed.
  6. Plan ahead:  It’s inevitable – calves get sick. Work diligently with your veterinarian to have a plan of attack in place for when the time arises.
  7. Goal is a quick adjustment: The sooner your calves adjust and eat, the less likely they are to get sick.

For more information, contact your local Landmark animal nutritionist.

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Building a Strong Future – Landmark Services Cooperative awards 18 scholarships to area students

Landmark Services Cooperative is excited to announce the winners of its annual scholarships. The cooperative recently presented 18 scholarships of $750 each to a group of Wisconsin high school seniors and collegiate students pursuing post-secondary education. Scholarships were awarded during Landmark’s annual scholarship recipient luncheon on Jan. 5 at The Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove.

“Through this scholarship process, I have been able to make connections within the industry and discover internship opportunities. Agriculture is definitely in my plans for the future,” said Jordan Ripp, Landmark scholarship recipient.

The Landmark scholarship program encourages academic, professional and leadership development. Landmark is thrilled to announce the 2016 winners: Lauren Blumer, Albany; Brianna Chadwick, Marshall; Lindsey Coddington, Montello; Lucas Graff, Markesan; Jensen Langer, Marshall; Hannah Leystra, Markesan; Jessica Lins, Columbus; Brian Lois, Burlington; Erin Marchant, Darlington; Jessica Noble, Burlington; Jordan Ripp, Waunakee; Mikayla Ripp, Waunakee; Lindsey Sarbacker, Edgerton; Mercedes Schulz, Dalton; Anthony Peter Smith, La Crosse; William Streich, Fort Atkinson; Brooke Trustem, Evansville; and Andrea Wenck, East Troy.

Landmark has awarded scholarships every year since 1989 in support of building a strong future for its members, its communities and the world. “The Landmark scholarship program has given a total of $208,000 to date to students. It is a way to give back to the members who support us all year. I always enjoy seeing the pride on parents’ faces as their child is awarded their scholarship that will go toward furthering their education,” said Shannon Horstmeyer, executive assistant of Landmark Services Cooperative.

Recipients were selected from a pool of applicants based on cumulative grade point average, leadership, scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities, personal motivation and academic and career goals. All members of Landmark Services Cooperative and their children attending four-year universities, two-year technical programs or short courses and high school seniors planning for post-secondary education were eligible to apply for the awards.

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How to manage your energy costs

What emotions do you feel when you hear the word contract? Are you reminded of a time that you locked in at a high price while the market fell? Or, are you reminded of a time that you locked in your price at the bottom and market prices surged? Take the guesswork out of budgeting your energy costs and consider a different approach to contracting. Instead of judging each year as an overall ‘win’ or ‘loss’, recognize the value and peace of mind you experience by knowing how much to budget on your energy costs. By locking in your fuel prices for a specific period of time, you can protect yourself from market price spikes during events of high demand, weather, world events or other uncertainties. Energy contracting is a great risk management tool that allows you to identify the energy type, contract period, energy amount and delivery schedule.

Here are two energy contracting strategies to help you:

  1. Layering contracts is a smart approach. Layering is contracting a certain percentage of your needs over time, with multiple contracts. If you use 10 thousand gallons annually, try layering in a few thousand gallons at a time. This will allow you to capture lower prices potentially. Sometimes when you try and find the bottom of the market, you miss it all together.
  2. Another strategy is to not contract 100 percent of your usage. Leave a portion of your needs not contracted. This way, you have the flexibility to take market priced deliveries, but you are protected if the price surges because of your contract. You will also be less likely to be stuck with undelivered gallon penalty charges.

Fuel contracts can be set up anytime of the year for up to 3 years. Landmark Services Cooperative understands everyone has unique energy needs and takes a custom approach to ensure that your energy needs are met. You can choose the delivery method most convenient for you. This includes auto fill or call-in.

Landmark has a team of energy professionals that can answer any questions you may have about contracting. For more information, call 608-819-3140.

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