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Join us for our Hiring Kick-Off Event!

Join us for our Hiring Kick-Off Event
March 1st at the Pontiac Convention Center
2809 N. Pontiac Dr. Janesville, WI 53545

Landmark Services Cooperative is currently hiring for seasonal CDL driving positions across all of our agronomy locations. Drivers will deliver Liquid & Dry Plant Food during the Spring/Summer season.
• April 1st – June 30th
• Flexible Hours
• Retirees Encouraged to Apply
• Opportunity for up to 60 hours per week (overtime for anything over 40 hours per week)!
• CDL drivers should be able to obtain tanker endorsement if necessary, AND seasonal non-CDL drivers that are willing to obtain a Farm Service CDL!

For more details go to our Careers page.

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Know your production costs

The ongoing theme of this winter has been to know your costs of production and break-evens. Corn Soy Expo 2017 echoed the statement that knowing your costs of production is “powerful” when meeting with your lending institution, as most do not have this. Knowing your production costs and break-even cost per bushel helps you immensely with marketing your crop as well as working with a budget on your crop inputs. It is essential to operating a sustainable business. Working through your costs will show you areas that you can improve on and helps make difficult decisions easier to decide on. Going into the growing season with a plan helps you pull the trigger on opportunities that present themselves much quicker avoiding the emotion tied to them.

Here are a few tips to determine your cost of production:

  • Know your true equipment and maintenance costs
  • Be honest and realistic with your numbers, real numbers are what you are looking for
  • Don’t forget to include labor costs
  • Work with a farm advisor who knows your operation and can help with improvements based on the information you put in and numbers that come out

Knowing your cost of production allows you to operate a sustainable business and helps you improve your business to succeed in any economic environment. The Landmark Services Cooperative team has the tools to help you with creating a crop plan and calculating your break-even to make your operation profitable.

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Premium diesel: What is the difference?

Tractors, trucks and all diesel powered equipment have dramatically changed over the last few decades. Due to the advancement of technologies and the increasing restrictions on emissions from our government, engines have been forced to meet strict emission and efficiency standards. These engines demand premium diesel due to the many benefits it provides. Premium diesel will help clean and prevent injector fouling in all engines, and this is especially important in systems that are 2007 and newer. Minimizing deposits on injectors is crucial with high-pressure injection engines. This is critical to reduce costly downtime and repairs on your equipment.

Premium diesel will still bring many benefits to your diesel engine even if you are not running newer equipment. You may notice up to a 5 percent increase in fuel economy, a 4.5 percent increase in power, quicker equipment starts, and a more lubricated system that will extend the life of your engine. Premium diesel also contains a demulsifier that pushes any unwanted water in the tank to the bottom, keeping it out of your engine. The storage life of the premium diesel is also increased by six months.

All of these features make an operation more successful. Less down time, lower fuel costs, more power, and being able to focus on the money-making aspects of your operation means a better bottom line. Call 608-819-3140 to learn more.

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