From the Field 11-25-2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week, Greg Springer from Union Grove gives a recap on the success of this year’s hybrid seed varieties. With Landmark’s diverse seed portfolio, we are able to pull from different genetic pools and then work with you to see which seed variety will work the best for your ground. This diversity can also help adapt to the changing environment, such as having seed options that tolerate wetter springs.

Andy Beck continues the conversation by detailing the exciting new DeKalb seed varieties. These new varieties have been testing well in the plots, producing healthier plants and more bushels. As an added bonus, they are staying at a reasonable price!

Shoutout to our operations teams at all locations—they have been working hard this fall to meet every one of our customers’ needs. Thank you for all your hard work, you are a big part of this incredibly successful harvest!


From the Field 11-11-2020

Now that harvest is almost done, it’s time to think about prepping your field for spring. This week, Joe and Dylan tell you the best way to prevent plugging up your planter in the spring.

Joe and Dylan take you out in the fields, to show how small particles need to be post harvest. Dampening down the particles also allow the particles to stay close to the soil, speeding up the breakdown process using microbes.

From the Field 10-28-2020

Improving Your Fields with the R7 Tool and Soil Testing

Spring 2021 will be here before you know it! This week, agronomists Joe Slosarczyk and Nick Baker go in depth on preparing your fields post-harvest.

Joe shows you, step by step, on how to use the R7 tool from Winfield United to evaluate your hybrids’ performance and decide on improvements for spring.

Then, Nick gives his post-harvest recommendations for fields, detailing the benefits of soil testing and fall fertilizers. “It’s important to talk about soil health and nutrients, to have a precision map of where the nutrients are in your field and where they need to be,” says Nick, “When we talk about nutrient application in the fall, we definitely want to take a look at those soil results, and we want to talk about applying phosphorous and potassium right now.”

From the Field 10-21-2020

Make the Most of Climate FieldView and YieldEDGE

Jim and Haily show how YieldEDGE and ClimateView are important tools in analyses such as yield and profits. Let these programs help you decide your game plan for the 2021 growing season!

From the Field 10-14-2020

Deciding Your Harvest Schedule & Fall Fertilizers

How do you decide which corn field to pick first to get the best yield? This is one of the most important decisions you have to make during harvest. Bob shows you the easiest and best ways to decide, and variables other than grain moisture that you need to consider.

Patrick ends the report with fall fertilizer practices for your fields, so you can cut out some work in the spring and get right to planting.

From the Field 10-07-2020

With fall flying by, learn some tips for prepping your field for winter wheat from southern territory agronomist Paige Behrens.

From the Field 9-30-2020

This week Union Grove agronomists Greg Springer and Andy Beck have prepared the From the Field report!

Greg will talk to you about calibrating yield monitors and using our YieldEdge tools to maximize your yield this harvest.

Andy goes over three key benefits of cover crops and answers your questions on what cover crop may be best.

From the Field 9-23-2020

Your From the Field report this week is brought to you by Evansville agronomists Joe Speich and Dylan Nelson.

Joe Speich shows you a few quick and easy ways to make a rapid decision on a field in regards to harvest order, as well as the reason that plants may fall down easily. Dylan Nelson follows up on a field that had some compaction issues and the best practices for preparing that field for wheat.


From the Field 9-09-2020

From the Field reports are now in video format! 

Join Jim Doolittle and Haily Soldner as they review the YieldEDGE AAA program consisting of three major aspects: Activation of data, acceleration of in-season management, and analyze end of season data. Landmark offers a data collection tool – Climate FieldView to assist in making field recommendations.


From the Field 9-02-2020

From the Field reports are now in video format! 

This week, Patrick Canales and Bob Galdi from the northern territory go over loss of nitrogen in corn, end-of-season corn management, what you can still do for your field this year, and what you may need to plan for next year.