Energy News – Propane Autogas School Buses Solve New Normal Challenges

While this school year is going to look different than any that have come before it, there’s still one thing districts can count on: propane autogas school buses can solve the challenges they face.

Quieter Operation: The buses operate noticeably quieter than diesel for a safe ride. Plus, all propane autogas school buses meet U.S. FMVSS and Canadian CMVSS motor vehicle safety standards, like conventional school buses.

Savings That Go Further: Propane autogas delivers the lowest total cost-of-ownership available. Districts could use those savings to afford more teachers, classroom supplies, and extracurricular activities.

Cleaner Neighborhoods: With propane autogas buses, students aren’t exposed to the emissions from older diesel buses that can aggravate asthma and cause other health issues.

Happier Drivers: Operators of propane autogas school buses report higher job satisfaction — they get to drive a quieter bus, and they don’t have to bring home the smell of exhaust.

Information shared from WPGA and PERC newsletters.