Energy News – Winter Fuel Blending

With cold weather approaching, Landmark is here to help our customers prepare their fuel tanks and equipment for cold weather performance.  Following are some of the key points and characteristics of winter fuels and blending:

  • Cloud Point is the temperature (in degrees F) at which wax crystals begin to appear in diesel fuel.  For #2 based diesel fuel the Cloud Point can vary, however +14 degrees F is typical.
  • To insure proper fuel blending, the fuel (not air) temperature must be at least 10 degrees F above the Cloud Point.  Generally speaking, the fuel temperature needs to be +25 degrees F or warmer.
  • Cold flow additives (such as Winter Aid IV) do not reduce the Cloud Point of the fuel.  As the fuel cools below the Cloud Point, and wax begins to form, the cold flow additives modify the shape of the wax crystals and disperse them so they are less likely to plug filters.

Following are the Cenex Premium Fuels we offer here at Landmark and the operability temperatures our customers can be confident their equipment will perform down to when using these products:

  • Fieldmaster and Roadmaster Premium Diesel — Operability down to +15 degrees F
  • Winter Aid IV added to diesel fuel — Operability down to 0 degrees F
  • Seasonally Enhanced Fieldmaster and Roadmaster — Operability down to -15 degrees F
  • Wintermaster dyed and undyed — Operability down to -30 degrees F

For product application recommendations contact Landmark today and speak to one of our Energy Specialists.

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