Fall Harvest and 2021 Crop Year Inputs

Now that the 2020 fall harvest is wrapping up, it’s time for producers to start looking toward their 2021 crop year planning. This year, many producers were able to complete harvest up to a month ahead of schedule compared to the 2019 crop year, leaving more time for planning and financing for 2021. With less rain and fewer vomitoxin issues in the 2020 crop, producers were able to utilize the markets to achieve much higher prices than what were seen in March and April 2020.

November through December is an optimal time to strategize three elements of your crop planning for 2021.

One is to sit down with a member of the Verity Business Solutions team to talk about your plans for your 2021 crop year. Securing crop operating funding early, with interest as low as 0% for fall fertilizer, can take a lot of unnecessary cash flow stress off an operation. Verity Business Solutions will also automatically pay your crop operating expenses for the crop year (until October 2021), leaving you free to use that time for tasks on the farm. Two is to get in contact with a Landmark agronomist to get competitive pricing on your crop inputs. Securing pricing earlier in the year allows for our agronomy staff to provide lower pricing than what is offered “in season”.

And three, to talk with your Landmark grain marketing specialist to plan pricing for the repayment plan on your operating line. From animal nutrition to energy products, Landmark is here to work with you and create a plan that is right for your operation, allowing for maximized production and increased income.

Verity and Landmark are always here to help you and to support your operation. You can contact Verity Business Solutions at 608-819-3433.