Forage Solutions 2021 Booking Program

As 2020 winds down, it’s time to start looking into our Booking Program details for plastic and inoculants for 2021. This program was a focus area for the Animal Nutrition team this year as part of our efforts to bring more competitive pricing for our members, and once again we are seeing benefits of our merger with Countryside. With the increased volume, we were able to negotiate with vendors to secure the best products and pricing available.

On the plastic side, we offer a wide variety of options. One new product we’re excited to handle is the HytiDouble Bunker Cover, which has a 2 ml oxygen barrier and 5 or 6 ml plastic folded into one roll without adhesive. This gives an airtight seal to the forage, lowers the risk of tearing by almost 100%—and reduces labor.

I recommend booking your plastic needs as COVID could affect the availability of certain products into the future. There’s a large variety of plastic products, so please reach out to your local representative for specific products and pricing.

On the inoculant side, we have more options. We will offer our Forage Solutions inoculant through Provimi, a top-notch inoculant. Plus, with the merger, we’ve acquired a new partnership that allows us to offer Chris Hansen inoculants as well. And finally, be sure to check out two new and impressive acid products we’re offering: the Preserver 70 and the Hay Green.

Program options available:

2% discount– prepay by December 31, 2020 for plastic and/or inoculant order

Additional 3% discount on inoculant- by booking 100% of your plastic order by February 28, 2021

Early booking pricing available– available only on orders placed before February 28, 2021
(Delivery will occur in spring and fall 2021 with invoicing occurring at time of product delivery)
*2021 Verity Financing Programs can be used to capture these discounts*

Feel free to contact me or your local sales representative with any questions or orders.

Bill Calvert
Feed Product Specialist
(608) 732-2080