From the Field 12-09-2020

Welcome to December!

The snow will start flying before you know it! Agronomist Paige Behrens from the southern territory reminds producers that it’s still not too late to apply fall fertilizers to help improve soil profiles. However, its soon, the ground will freeze, so make sure to get lime applications before that!

Agronomy sales manager Nick Baker goes over multiple modes of action heading into winter and preparing fields for spring. If you noticed extra foxtail, water hemp, ragweed, or a weed you don’t recognize, make sure to take note, snap a picture, or take a sample to share with your agronomist. Then your agronomist can help build the most cost effective way to eliminate these weeds before they take over.

Remember that all this work in the fall pays off in the spring! Prevention is the best method in weed control, and maintaining a good soil profile helps crop strength and yield.

As always, make sure to contact your Landmark agronomist with any questions you may have. Stay safe!