From the Field 8-5-2020

In the east, crops look amazing, considering the tough start we had, and timely rains have helped get them in a great spot to finish. Currently, we’re applying some fungicide on corn and R3 treatment on soybeans.

The biggest question lately is, why is waterhemp popping up in my soybeans? Even after the best spray programs, we’re still seeing some here and there. Well, residuals like Warrant and Dual are starting to run out. The thing that we must understand is that waterhemp can germinate and survive with almost no sunlight, so we’re going to have some come up.

Over the last part of July and the start of August, we have been applying fungicides like Endura, Delaro, and Miravis Neo to preserve yield potential in soybean fields that exhibit mold invasion. It is important to continue to scout for mold development through the season, since the fungicide application is effective for only a couple of weeks. Additional fungicide application may be warranted in some fields.

Most of the timely planted corn is exhibiting brown silk, and aerial application of fungicide is being made to enhance yields. Incorporating Masterlock with the fungicide is recommended to enhance the effectiveness of the application.

Late summer seeding of alfalfa can be a viable option for growers where small grains or other early harvested crops are now off. Complete your seedings as early as possible in August to allow for establishment of the stand ahead of frost.

In addition, you should plan now for fall application of fertilizer so that you can save money on materials and prepare the soil for next spring’s early planted crops. Fertilizer products are generally priced favorably at this time of year and applications can be made as harvest is completed. Contact your agronomist to discuss favorable financing options for these applications through Verity as well.