Grain Exchange – 11/17/2020

In many parts of Wisconsin harvest has come to a close. The Fall of 2020 has been nothing but magnificent. Excellent weather conditions and great marketing opportunities prevailed! Allowing for a profound year for the Wisconsin farmer. The year of struggles has turned into opportunity. With a world that has become hesitant with actions to many underlying problems there has been a window of opportunity created to take advantage of higher prices for not only 2020 grain but also for 2021 new crop. The markets have been strong allowing for adequate prices. The cash price for 2021 may not be $10.00 beans or $4.00 corn, but solid numbers in the $3.50 or better for corn and $9.50 or better for soybeans. The numbers presented are a chance to set the base of a marketing plan.

Harvest Report:

In Wisconsin corn harvest completion is 87% which is 16 days ahead of the average. Wisconsin soybean harvest is 98% complete which is 23 days ahead of the average. The speed of this harvest is one for the record books. The abilities to move the mass volumes of quality grain this year speaks volumes of the agriculture industry. It goes to show when the weather cooperates the farmer is efficient.

Post Harvest:

Key things to remember as harvest wraps up. All grain has 7 days to be priced after your last load of that commodity. There are options to hold the payment from the 2020 crop until January. Lastly, be looking into future months for marketing. The 2020 crop does not end until it is all executed to a destination.

Additional notes:

The Landmark grain locations of Belleville, Burlington, Cottage Grove, Evansville, Fall River, Markesan, and Whitewater have returned to normal operation hours starting TODAY 11/17/2020 7:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. Albany grain location hours are 7:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday-Friday.

Below are the links to Landmark’s Discount Schedules.

Landmark’s Cash Bid Link