Grain Exchange – 6-2-2021

One comment from a producer yesterday summed up the current marketing environment well.  He said “Well, we knew we’d stay in a weather trade, so I guess a sharply higher trade shouldn’t surprise us.” And it’s true. Yesterday’s sharply higher trade came with spotted frost concerns in the northern Midwest and reports that 23% of the US corn is drier than normal over the last 90-days. Today’s lower trade as of this writing is due to the corn emergence rate jumping from 64% last week to 81% this week which is higher than both the 5-year average of 70% and last year’s pace of 76%. We can expect for the grain markets to stay range bound until the trade gets a better feel for what this crop year will shape up to be. Please contact your local grain marketing specialist to put price targets in for old or new crop sales. I want to take the opportunity to introduce our summer Intern. 

Hi there!

My name is Kenzie Riemer, and I am the Grain Intern for Countryside Landmark this summer. I will be located in Evansville but working throughout several southern locations. I am originally from Dakota, Illinois and I currently attend the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where I am a double major in Agricultural Business and Animal Science.

For my summer project, I will be reaching out to many of our southern customers to check in and get them set up with the customer portal that is accessible through our website. The importance of setting up this portal is to ensure that each customer can access their grain contracts and account statements right at their fingertips. Current customers that have already set up their portal really enjoy being able to stay on top of their documents with such ease. The portal also allows you to pull up the end of year statements which especially helps with crop insurance.

Additionally, I will be working with customers to complete their ACH deposit forms. These forms allow for the cooperative to automatically deposit money straight into customer accounts, so that they do not need to wait for a check in the mail. This form is also available on our website under the grain tab.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with many of you throughout the summer! Have a wonderful day!