Grain Exchange – Today is Another Report Day

Today is another report day! There have been many mixed reviews on what this report will bring, but most are bullish. Many estimate slightly lower yield from September as we see Iowa and Illinois report their yields on both corn and beans. There are also many assumptions that the grain stocks will be down as well.

Corn traded slightly lower over night and has been quiet this morning in anticipation of today’s report. Argentina has reduced their estimated production due to extreme dryness. Brazil estimates their production will be the same as previous year.

Soybeans slight up overnight and so far, staying within a penny or two of overnight.  Same as always there are still trade talks going on with China, but there has finally been some merit to the conversations with a few sales. As previously stated, Argentina is predicting less corn planted therefore planting beans in place of corn. Central Wisconsin is actively harvesting soybeans after a long wait.

Wheat is steady. Not much to report except many countries’ wheat production have been lowered due to weather.

Landmark grain has rolled out our new harvest hours. Rain or shine the elevators will be open.


  • 12:00 PM TO 6:00 PM SUNDAY

As always if there is a request for longer hours, the hours will be granted.

During this time the grain team is working hard to make your harvest as flawless as possible. Open communication is key. If you have a request for hours, trucking, or market information please contact your grain marketing specialist.

Happy Harvest y’all!

Kasey Baker