Get a Jumpstart on Your 2021 Crop Year with Verity Business Solutions

The 2021 crop year is fast approaching, and Verity Business Solutions is here for you with some exciting financing programs. Verity Business Solutions has a program that will fit the needs of your operation, including financing programs as low as 0% for fall fertilizer.

The most exciting addition for this upcoming season is the Jumpstart fall fertilizer program—which offers fall fertilizer at 0% effective interest until March 31, 2021, if approved by December 31, 2020. This program includes financing for fall fertilizer, fall application, and custom applied spring UAN and Urea. The Growth program, which was also offered in the 2020 crop year, offers reduced interest of prime minus 2% for producers who increase their agronomy spend with Landmark Services Cooperative by $25,000 or 25%, whichever is greater. Finally, the Complete program offers prime minus 1% interest for all producers who commit 80% or more of their agronomy business to Landmark Services Cooperative. In addition to these programs with reduced interest—Verity also offers general input financing for producers who do business with Landmark at competitive interest rates.

Make sure to talk to a member of the Verity Business Solutions team, or your Landmark agronomist about the programs for the 2021 crop year—and your qualifications for reduced interest programming. We cannot wait to see you in the field, happy farming!

Call 608-819-3433 and talk to a member of the Verity team today!