Merger Updates

Good news! We’re excited to tell you that Landmark and Countryside have agreed to move forward with a merger. Both coops have completed their due diligence, and the Board of Directors of each has concluded that joining resources will increase our competitive advantage and drive increased value to our members and employees.

During the merger exploration process, our primary focus was to determine if whether joining the resources of two long-standing, successful cooperatives would build competitive advantages in ever-changing agricultural markets and increase value for our members and employees.

Landmark and Countryside are committed to helping our members, employees, and communities thrive. We owe it to our stakeholders to pursue opportunities that will strengthen their local coops, and we believe the proposed merger will accomplish that and more. It is for this reason and many others that the two boards ask that members support this merger.

Information about both cooperatives can be found at and, and your Board of Directors and CEO can be reached at the following numbers:

      • Jim Lange, Chairman (Eastern District) – 414.881.9423
      • Jon Prochnow, Vice Chairman (Northern District) – 920.210.9116
      • Kevin Klahn, Secretary and Treasurer (Western District) – 608.576.6776
      • Brian Brown, Director (At-Large) – 608.219.7031
      • Keven Schultz, Director (Northern District) – 920.210.8344
      • Max Wenck, Director (Eastern District) – 262.957.6500
      • Sandy Larson, Director – (Western District) 608.290.5545
      • Jim Dell, CEO and President – 402.469.1269

We sincerely thank you for your dedication to Landmark Services Cooperative, and we want to assure you that during this review process that our unwavering commitment to you, and to our daily operations, will remain priorities.