Seeing 20/20 in 2020: Focusing on Alfalfa

Maximize Your Alfalfa Yield Potential

Tighter margins are requiring farmers to effectively and precisely manage their crops for profitability. Landmark Services Cooperative has partnered with the leading agronomic companies in the industry to offer you the best insights and solutions for raising alfalfa. Here are a couple tips to raise a profitable alfalfa crop:

1) Ensure a Solid Stand

It’s important to start the season off strong with a healthy alfalfa stand. There are certain practices that you can implement to ensure you’ll have a good foundation to build on throughout the crop’s life. Check out this article for evaluating your alfalfa stand:

Spring Stand Evaluation

Spring Alfalfa Planting

2) Effectively Manage Your Fertility

Alfalfa has very specific nutrient needs. It’s important to meet those needs in order to have the right tonnage, quality, and digestibility. At Landmark, we have the expertise to help you make the right plan for your crop. Check out this article on alfalfa fertility:

Sulfur for Alfalfa

Potassium for Alfalfa 

3) Pick the Right Seed

Building yield starts with choosing the right seed for your operation. Each variety has specific traits and characteristics that behave differently in unique environments. Landmark has access to the best genetics in the industry today through the Croplan brand. Our agronomy experts can help you place your alfalfa seed on the right acre in order to ensure maximum success. Check out these varieties from Croplan:

Rebound AA

HVX Megatron

4) Protect Your Crop

The right herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide program is important for keeping your alfalfa crop healthy. Landmark Cooperative offers several crop protection products for alfalfa. Our expertise is supported by strong data. Keeping a clean, healthy, stress free crop results in higher tonnage and better feed quality.

5) Utilize Technology

Utilize aerial imagery to monitor crop health and determine proactive management in-season. Imagery tools in addition to technology like variable rate applications help you make decisions based on known facts.


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