Grain News: June 4, 2019 – “Weather Scare” Provides Marketing Opportunities

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Another warm sunny stretch has planting progress moving forward. Seed getting into the ground has caused the markets to back up just a bit. However, there is still the opportunity to capture $4 corn for fall 2019.

The crop progress report was released yesterday 6-3-19. US corn planting is up to 67% planted which is up 9% from the previous week. The percent planting is typically 96% as this time over 5 years. Wisconsin still has a higher percent planted than Illinois and Indiana. USDA states that 46% of the corn is emerged. With the weather we should look for that number to continue to rise.  Soybeans also gained acres from the previous week as 39% of the beans are planted in the US. Wheat is still looking good across the US, but weather has had bearing on the condition. So much grain can be planted in the nice days we have been seeing. A “weather scare” won’t last forever especially with the extended forecast finally reflecting summer.

Corn and wheat are down a smidge from the previous week but are still well above the lows we saw this winter. Beans are still holding a decent number and it seems like anything over $8 gets farmers excited these days. There could be only a small window on these beans as corn seed is exchanged for bean seed. The market could turn at any point and it would be a shame to miss out on over $4 corn and $8 beans for fall 2019. Check out Landmark’s Cash Bids at to get your local price.

There are always opportunities to help capture the market. Now is the time to work with your grain marketing specialist to see all the options Landmark has for you. As always, stay safe!

Grain News: April 30, 2019 – Planting Delays Leave Opportunity for Grain Marketing

Katie of landmarkCorn and soybean markets are trading neutral to slightly firmer on this rainy Tuesday morning. Yesterday’s crop progress report showed few surprises. The USDA says corn is 15% planted while trade estimated 14% and we were at just 6% last week. We are dragging behind the five-year average of 27%. Soybeans are said to be 3% planted vs. 1% last week and a five-year average of 6%. US Winter wheat conditions are said to be 64% good/excellent compared to 62% last week.

Weather has not been very conducive to getting spring fieldwork and planting complete. The Midwest is set to see a rain system move in today and tomorrow, covering a chunk of the corn belt. It should dry up by the weekend, but the forecast shows another system moving in late Monday. Below average temps aren’t helping to dry up the moisture, but it’s expected to warm up this weekend.

The local farmer is holding tight to their old crop corn supply as they hope that some sort of bounce happens in the next month or two. Corn basis has stayed firm, but that still leaves the farmer less than excited about the flat price. Old crop bean carryout is still weighing on markets, and with a wet spring, it’s likely that late acres will switch to beans.

While it certainly has not been an exciting start to 2019 when it comes to marketing, now is the time to take a look at your marketing plan and make some updates to your target orders and sales goals. Remember to continue to be proactive in marketing, so opportunities don’t slip away from you.

As always, give us a call if we can help!

Grain News: December 11, 2018 – WASDE Report Out Today; Trump Tweets “Productive Conversations”

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There are a few news articles to catch up on today-

The new Farm Bill is finally getting presented to the House and Senate today. Hopefully there should be some resolution as it is processed as early as next week. What will this do for grain? It is said to have improvements to the major commodity programs. It also looks like there will be more incentives for conservation programs.

WASDE report comes out today at 11:00am. We will have better numbers as to what will happen in South America as they come into harvest with the drought that they have been faced with.  South America should be on your watch list. As you know, they have been very competitive in the bean market and have been helping China out in their time of need. Between the WASDE report and Trump’s morning Tweet of:

Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump

Very productive conversations going on with China! Watch for some important announcements!

You could see some movement in the grain market. Call your grain originator to get an open offer in if you feel the market will reach your target price for old or new crop.

Final comment for the day, Landmark has come out with a Bushel Tracker spreadsheet where you can see fertilizer cost and grain price to create your profit. For more information call any of the other grain originators or myself to discuss how that can work for you!