Teamwork Overcomes

During the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on each of our lives in one way or another. But despite this, there have been some favorable outcomes for the Animal Nutrition division. I’d like to share a few of the most notable that have impacted our cooperative in a positive way.

Progress on Project List

People are surprised to hear me say that the pandemic has positively impacted the AN team. The added time (such as from reduced commuting) has allowed us to address a long list of things that needed to be cleaned up, improved, or simply removed. I’m happy to report that this list is much shorter now, and that our efforts have put us as a cooperative and you as an owner in a good position heading into 2021.

Commodity Opportunities

One of the first things on the list was the decision to join a procurement group to maximize our purchasing power and more accurately identify feed commodity opportunities. Early on, we had discussed our clients’ needs and proactively secured early commodity contracts. As a result, the monthly tons sold and cattle on feed with Landmark is growing month after month.

Another project on our list was to set up the optimum way to judge quality and consistency for all commodities entering our facilities. This information has helped tighten up ration formulations and, at times, let us know which suppliers to avoid.

Beef Xcellence

Many of you are likely all too familiar with virtual meetings. For our AN team, these meetings allowed our team to be well-informed and effectively apply our varied interests, skills, and talents to keep pushing forward on our task lists.

One of the projects that I personally had the opportunity to collaborate on was assessing our beef feed offerings and reviewing formulas. We branded this as Beef Xcellence. Together, we simplified a good-better-best menu option, allowing you to choose the level of cost and nutrition that fits your needs.

The Beef Xcellence project was completed with identifiable bags, tags, and a colorful, easy-to-read, tri-fold brochure for reference. It’s been well received since the rollout in autumn 2020, and shows continued growth.

Forage Preservation Program

Addressing our “Forage Preservation” program of plastics, bale wrap, inoculants, and acids was an item on the list that benefited from a relationship approach with our Countryside partners. We presented our past sales numbers and projections for the forage preservation program to our industry partners and asked them to give us their most competitive prices and any added services.

After several virtual meetings between Landmark and Countryside to better understand and appreciate each other’s relationships and the needs of those we serve, we finalized a booking program that has already exceeded our expectations. A month into our early order offerings, we’ve booked more business than ever before. If you haven’t procured your forage preservation needs, please reach out to your Animal Nutrition team. The best early-order pricing ends Feb 28, 2021.

Positive Start to 2021

I could go on to list cross-divisional successes, improved efficiencies and safety standards, and stories of employees going above and beyond, but I’ll just say that it’s great to see and be a part of this progress.

Yes, COVID has robbed us of some joy, but the attitude and momentum of your AN division is really positive! We look forward to serving you through innovative and responsible solutions in 2021 and the years to come.

Feel free to contact me or your local sales representative with any questions or orders.

Chris Kafer
Dairy Technical Consultant