Grain Exchange – Today is Another Report Day!

Today is another report day! The WADSE Report will be release at 11:00am. Professionals have been estimating a slight decrease in yield. Other than the minor change in yield thoughts are that it will not be a market mover report. There is always opportunity with a report. However, the bean market can not move more than $0.65 in one trading period and corn can not move more than $0.25. Knowing those limits, setting realistic offers is still extremely important.

Corn is trading slightly higher. There are many talks about ethanol slowing down, but we haven’t seen numbers to support this yet. Trump met with biofuel producers yesterday in hopes of boosting the biofuel industry in the future.

Soybeans are up 7-8 cents this morning. US weather forecast has been predicting the first frost to be a little earlier than normal. Trump and China are continuing discussions and Trump released the following tweet:

Wheat is trading even but at a much better price than a week ago as they wind down harvest.

Judy Uhlenhake with Landmark grain was nominated through the WI Farm Bureau to attend the Washington DC Fly. She will be sharing what farmers are doing and the effects of the Whitehouse in rural Wisconsin. We are excited to hear and share her experiences from her trip.

After the report there will be a text release through Landmark about the results. If you are not signed up reach out to your grain marketing specialist.

Have a great day!

Kasey Baker