What’s in Store in Evansville, Wisconsin?

Trans conveyorWe’re committed to investing in your success by providing ample storage space and elevator capacity. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that we’re installing storage space for this fall’s harvest at our Evansville, Wisconsin, location.

We are installing two bunker ground pile systems manufactured by LeMar Industries. One system will be 150′ x 550′ long. The other will be 150′ x 678′ long. That’s a combined capacity of over 2 million bushels! These cost-effective bunkers will have four-foot galvanized walls anchored to the ground and state-of-the-art aeration systems to maintain the best grain quality and ensure efficient operation.

An Extron grain monitoring system will be installed to monitor wind speed, grain temperature, humidity and other factors required to maintain the grain. This will allow for significant cost savings over piles that have aeration fans running 24/7.

To complement this new storage space, we’ve purchased an extremely fast conveyor system. Our new 25,000 bushel-per-hour LeMar transport conveyor is fed by two 15-foot drive-over receiving ramps.

The fail-safe hydraulic system, hydraulically adjusted directional grain diverter, height adjustability, hydraulic ramps and drive wheels allow for easy movement of the conveyor to the next position.

Double drive-over receiving ramps will mean no waiting for the truck in front of you to move ahead before you can start unloading. This system will be as fast, or even faster, than unloading into our existing grain receiving pits.

We’re proud to be an extension of your operation and provide you more effective, more efficient storage at harvest so you can get back to your fields.

This project will be completed in time for the 2018 fall harvest season.